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You're great at what you do. You could do even more with more capacity. We partner with you to create opportunities to reclaim time and grow.

Actionable Data Tools

Everyone has data. Not everyone has the time or feels comfortable putting it to good use. 


We created both the table and bar chart to the right for our client. We will help organize your data in a way that tells you what you need to know. Tools that help your data tell its story also allow you to make better decisions, faster. The information in the bar chart (top right) is the same as in the table (bottom right). Different clients prefer different formats - we'll build what adds value for you.


We would love to work with you to build a dashboard that helps you monitor what's going on and make quick, data-informed decisions. Seriously, we really enjoy this stuff!


Performance Support

We offer several tools to help maximize performance, including coaching, project planning and management, and goals writing.

There can be tremendous value in collaborating with someone who is both focused on you and your success and has the removed perspective of someone outside of your company. We will help you focus your energy on the things you can control, and particularly the areas within your control that will have the most valuable impact.

We also understand that companies experience fluctuations in capacity. We are happy to step in and do the legwork of drafting and reviewing goals, creating detailed project plans, and even managing them.

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System Design

Strong systems are the foundation of a successful organization. They are the structures that enable organizations and the talent within them to focus on what they do best. Investing today in systems that will work seamlessly will save you time and money down the road.

No two clients or situations are the same. We will take the time to get to know you, and partner with you to think critically about your unique needs. Then, we will help you develop and build the best system(s) for you and your team.

To the left, you can see how often one team was completing internal support service requests. Initially, only four in five requests were being completed successfully. We helped this organization improve their processes for receiving, communicating, and executing these requests. Once these adjustments were in place, successful execution was much more frequent. In addition to improved results on outcomes specific to this process, successful outcomes foster trust and improved communication - a virtuous cycle.

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