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DEH Partners is a small consulting firm that helps clients focus on the things they do best and achieve their performance goals. Every individual and organization has core competencies - the things they are great at. Everyone also faces tasks, processes, and responsibilities that come between them and their core competency. DEH Partners focuses on these distractions so that you don't have to. We will help you design, implement and sustain tools to address the challenges that keep you from doing what you do best. Best yet, every solution we provide is customized to the client. We really listen to you to ensure that we address your needs.

David E. Houlihan

Formal education, professional experience, and extensive global travel contributed to shaping David’s perspective and approach to mission-driven excellence.  Following receipt of his B.A. from NYU, David pursued a year of volunteer service in Israel. Returning to New York, he taught elementary special education as a member of Teach for America and then spent nearly a decade focused on ensuring that the nonprofits and startups that he worked with developed quality systems to allow instructional staff to focus on teaching and learning, as well as helping those organizations expand while maintaining focus on the mission.
Since earning his MBA at Georgetown, David has resumed his work supporting schools and businesses of all shapes and sizes with greater depth of understanding and a host of exciting new tools.

David has lived abroad and traveled extensively. He appreciates the variety of cultures and customs that enrich our lives.  David speaks Spanish and can hold his own in a conversation in Hebrew.

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