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Actionable Data Tools

Every activity generates data. It can be hard, however, to identify the data elements that will be useful, capture those elements, and organize them in a way that facilitates evidence-based decision making. Guidance with this process improves outcomes. Below you can see examples of tools we've built with clients to help them make the most of their data.


We helped this client go through their budget forecasts, expenses to date, and interviewed their cost center owners to help project where they were on course to land budgetarily. That work produced the table to the right (lower half).


We also set up charts that help to tell a clearer, more accessible story. No matter what your level of comfort with numbers and financials, we'll help you make sure you understand the path you're on. We also advise clients on prudent adjustments when appropriate.


This dashboard was built for one of the schools we support. Attendance is a critical aspect of student achievement - when students are absent, they miss valuable instruction and time to develop their skills. This school wanted to look at individual students, grade-level performance and attendance data across teachers in an effort to identify the best areas to focus on as they push to achieve their organization-wide attendance goals - goals that they know will help them cultivate their students' learning.


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