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Ultimately, the results are what counts. Take a look at some of what we've been able to accomplish with our clients.


“David was instrumental in supporting us through a staff transition, helping us figure out our budget and where we were compared to it, at a time when I didn’t have the capacity to take it on myself. He ensured that our leadership team and each budget manager felt on top of updated projections and took the time to walk through them with each of us. With David owning this workstream, we were able to focus more on student achievement and his support was timely, accurate, and personalized.”

Akshai J. Patel, Co-Founder and CEO

Process Improvement Results.png

Building Better Processes

Processes are how you do what you do. Investment in good processes can make everyone better.

Before intervention, this process was being executed successfully about 80% of the time. 20% failure feels brutal. By repairing how needs were communicated, we achieved rapid improvement. At last check-in, we had seen nine consecutive flawless months.

“As we prepared to launch a new position, David helped us think about the best ways to structure the role, fleshed out a cost/benefit analysis to guide what it should look like, and helped us make sure we were ready well before day one. Because we were able to take advantage of David’s experiences, we saved a ton of time and are really well prepared for this change.”

Jacob Mnookin, Executive Director

Academics and Attendance

Deeper Dive into Data

There is no limit to where you can go with data.

One client wanted to do more around student attendance data. We worked with them to learn more about the relationship between attendance and achievement. 

We found that with this school, four more days in attendance could raise their reading performance by one percentile nationally! This is powerful information to share with students, families, and teachers.

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